Price : $10.95
Brand : Seeking Health

Vitamin A 25000 | Pure Vitamin A | 25,000 IU Per Dose |100 Easy-To-Swallow Softgels | Seeking Health

Vitamin A 2500 supplies the natural, preformed retinol form of vitamin A as found in fish liver oil. 25,000 I.U. per softgel.

In addition to treating deficiency syndromes, vitamin A has several potential preventive and therapeutic uses. Vitamin A is important “medicine” for the immune system. It keeps skin and mucous membrane cells healthy. When membranes are healthy they stay moist and resistant to cell damage. The moistness inhibits bacteria and viruses from “putting down stakes” and starting infectious diseases.

Blood levels of vitamin A are often low in people with viral illnesses. After receiving additional amounts of this vitamin, the body is able to mount its defenses, often resulting in a quicker recovery.

There’s more to the benefits of Vitamin A than it being a very beneficial antioxidant for you. The Vitamin A benefits help in numerous bodily functions… from keeping your skin healthy to fighting off infection & disease.

Vitamin A may help to:

Prevent infection.

Boost immune system.

Support eye health.

Support heart health.

Protect from chronic conditions and diseases.

Is a powerful antixodant.

Vitamin A by Seeking Health is a high potency formula that supplies 25,000 I.U of Vitamin A per softgel. Softgels are easy-to-swallow and absorb quickly.


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