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NatureWise Ubiquinol with Clinically Tested Kaneka QH, the Active Form of CoQ10, 100 mg, 120 count

The Antioxidant That is Everywhere
Ubiquinone, often called coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10, comes from the word “ubiquitous,” meaning everywhere. It exists in nearly every cell of your body and in all forms of animal life. Ubiquinone is produced naturally by your body and used to create ATP (energy) in the mitochondria of every cell of your body. Without CoQ10, your body would be unable to produce or sustain energy.

Ubiquinol—the “Active” Form of CoQ10
CoQ10 exists in two primary states within the mitochondria of your cells. It transitions from one state to another as part of the oxidation/reduction process required for all energy production in your body. The first state is known as “fully oxidized” ubiquinone, or standard un-activated CoQ10, which has no free electrons to share. The second state is known as “fully reduced” Ubiquinol, or activated CoQ10, which has two free electrons to share. If your body cannot transform CoQ10 into Ubiquinol, energy production in your body cannot happen.

Why Your Body Needs Ubiquinol
In their 20s, most healthy people can readily produce all of the CoQ10 they need and efficiently convert it into Ubiquinol. In fact, 95% of all CoQ10 in a healthy body exists in its reduced Ubiquinol form.* However, clinical studies suggest that as we age, our abilities to convert CoQ10 into Ubiquinol diminish. Early research indicates that Ubiquinol levels appear to decline from 100% in your 20s to nearly 68% in the heart and around 72% in the kidneys by the time you reach your 40s.* As we age, CoQ10 production and conversion to Ubiquinol progressively declines in all the organs and tissues throughout your body, a fact that scientists attribute as one of the causes of fatigue and the decline in stamina and energy often associated with aging.*

A Defense Against Oxidative Stress Associated With Aging
Clinical studies suggest that Ubiquinol concentrations decline in response to the aging process as Ubiquinol acts as a first-line of defense against the oxidative stress associated with aging.* In addition to its own inherent abilities to neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress, Ubiquinol also has the capacity to regenerate vitamin C, vitamin E, and many other antioxidants in your body.
You may be thinking to yourself, “Is it possible to increase my Ubiquinol levels by eating the right foods?” While Ubiquinol can be obtained from certain foods such as oily fish, organ meats, or whole grains, one would need to consume excessive amounts to achieve the same levels obtained through supplementation. Supportive evidence suggests that regular supplementation with Ubiquinol can supply necessary energy for cells, provide nervous system support, reduce oxidative stress, and promote cardiovascular health.*

Ubiquinol vs CoQ10
In addition to the natural decline of our body’s ability to convert CoQ10 into Ubiquinol as a result of aging or medications, there are other reasons that favor taking Ubiquinol directly. Being hydrophilic, Ubiquinol more easily dissolves in water. This means it can disperse through the cells of the mitochondria more easily than CoQ10, and thus can be better absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that people taking Ubiquinol had higher concentrations of the antioxidant in their blood levels than those taking CoQ10.

Benefits of NatureWise Ubiquinol with 100% Pure Kaneka QH
NatureWise Ubiquinol contains 100% Pure Kaneka QH Ubiquinol, the only commercially stable and active form of Ubiquinol available. The Kaneka Corporation has spent over a decade of clinical research and development to create a pure and stable form of Ubiquinol. Unlike other suppliers of Kaneka QH who include soy in their Ubiquinol products, we’ve taken special care to make NatureWise Ubiquinol soy free. As Ubiquinol is fat soluble, we’ve included both organic extra virgin olive oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to help facilitate delivery.
Our doctor-formulated NatureWise Ubiquinol with Kaneka QH is non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and contains no artificial ingredients.

Third Party Tested for Purity and Potency
NatureWise is certified by NSF, one of the most stringent and respected GMP certification organizations in the world. NatureWise maintains one of the most robust manufacturing safety programs in the industry. All NatureWise products are tested by specialized ISO 17025 third party laboratories for purity and potency, as well as physical, chemical, and microbial contamination, guaranteeing the highest standards for quality and safety.

The NatureWise Difference
NatureWise is a natural supplements company committed to delivering industry-best products and world-class customer service. With every NatureWise purchase our customers gain access to an extensive team of customer service professionals, available to help with any questions or comments regarding our products.
At NatureWise we are passionate about helping people live healthier. Our products are designed to work best as part of an overall health and wellness program. Achieving a healthy you involves a balanced diet, regular exercise, and finding a source of support to help you reach your personal goals.

Our NatureWise Pledge to You
As a savvy consumer, only the best supplements—standardized, pure, and certified—make it on your shopping list. At NatureWise, we wouldn’t expect anything less. We apply the same oath of purity to every one of our products, including our NatureWise Ubiquinol with 100% Pure Kaneka QH.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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