Price : $15.02
Brand : Doctor's Best

Doctor’s Best 3000 Gdu Bromelain, 90-Count

Best 3000 gdu bromelain is a crude extract from the ananas comosus (pineapple) plant that contains one of the most highly regarded and studied plant enzymes. the use of bromelain has foundations in folk medicine, as ananas comosus was used by the aboriginal inhabitants of central and south america for various facets of health promotion. a 17th century explorer from europe noted that the extract from the plant admirably recreates and exhilarates the spirits and comforts the heart. bromelain is renowned for its protein digesting (protease) activity. the ability of the thiol-endopeptidase enzymes in bromelain to break down proteins leads to bromelain’s most noted health-promoting properties. the enzymatic activity of bromelain is measured by its ability to digest various substrates. gdu, or gelatin-digesting units, are a common measure of bromelain’s potency. doctor’s best currently has the highest potency bromelain available on the market. bromelain is known for its enzymatic and immune-modulating activities as well as its contributions to joint health maintenance and healthy circulation.


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